Why Go To The Mountains Every Time?

My bond with mountains doesn’t go back a long way. Back when I was in college there was a picnic in Bandarban, so I tagged along. But trouble aroused when I asked permission from the family, they didn’t agree with my decision to go.

I was sure that I wasn’t going to the mountains.

I called my dad day before the registration to convince him. But my valiant effort went to the vein.

I got a call the day of the registration from my mom. She just said, “Sent you the required money, keep in touch, be safe!”

I was elated, ecstatic really! I went to the mountains but I wasn’t in love with them. A couple of years passed by but I didn’t go anywhere else.

During the depression that is post-HSC – pre admission period, we decided to go to trekking into deep inside Bandarban, to see Nafakhum. I didn’t get a chance in any university, naturally, I was depressed. But while my friends were backpacking I was still depressed. I needed a break, desperately. I needed the touch of nature.

I decided to go, but the problem was my family, will they let me go? I pitched the idea but to my surprise, I didn’t encounter any resistance whatsoever. I was overwhelmed with the amount of support I got. I was going to trekking for the first time so naturally, I was very excited, but I also had a bit of doubt in my mind, can I do it?

Since I knew very little about trekking I asked advice from seniors and bought some accessories, then off we went to Bandarban. We reached there at 6 AM. The whole town was blanketed with mist. We left the town for Thanchi as soon as the town woke up. We took a boat from there to Remakri. The more I was going to the deep inside the mountain via Sangu, the more I was wondering, how can a place like this exist in my country? It was like a piece of paradise, from God himself, carved out of the mountains.

I forgot all my owes within a whim. I felt bliss. An utter, blissful state.

The next morning we were to Nafakhum from Romakri. Some people said no hearing the proposal. They didn’t want to wake up by dusk in this winter, anyhow, after convincing them, they agreed to. After waking up at 5 each one of us was worth a sight. And not a good sight at that. I’ve never faced this kind of weather Moreover we had to walk through a lean road for 6 hours. But we were determined, that we could do it. No matter what!

The more I went through Romakri the more I was awed. I barely believe that this is the Bangladesh as we know it. We reached Nafakhum within 3 and a half hours. I was to a standstill when I reached Nafakhum, I rediscovered myself right then and there, between Nafakhum and the mountain.

I’ve gone back to the mountains time and time again after that trail. Faced many barriers but never gave up, how can I?

When people ask me why I go to the mountains every time, I reply-

“To see how small I am, to get lost in the vastness of the mountain, to embrace the lush with my own eyes. To touch the clouds, to discover myself amidst them, to be free, because, free, that’s all you gotta be, dream dreams, no one else can see!”